Wizard Heights Book 3 – The Shard of Aslemere is available now

Wizard Heights Book 3 - The Shard of Aslemere

Wizard Heights Book 3 – The Shard of Aslemere

Wizard Heights Book 3 – The Shard of Aslemere is available now on BarnesAndNoble.com for the Nook Reader. You can purchase it at this link

The Wizard Heights series continues at a galloping pace in book 3, The Shard of Aslemere!

Wizard Heights has fallen to forces loyal to the High Council and an armed resistance has sprung up amongst the remaining loyal magicians.

Charlie awakens the next morning after his adventure in the Library of Ancients, to find the cavern pirate, Midnight at the end of his bed. Mr. Clevecelees is missing, Midnight tells him, and he needs to be found. For one thing, there’s the matter of a golden talisman that Cleveclees dropped while in Old Sal’s chamber in the pirate town of Moonwick. It’s part of a larger treasure; a sacred pirate relic called the Talisman of the Covenant, and the pirates very much want to find it.

Meanwhile, an Ancient Egyptian Priesthood called the Uhktamach pursues Charlie and Whitstable. Sibelius Linkletter (the undertaker from the Garden of Evil Spirits) appears at Ridgedale High and tells the boys that their time on earth is soon to come to an end. That evening the priesthood attacks Charlie’s home, and Charlie flees into the forest where he is saved, just in the nick of time, by Mr. Salamond who takes him to Mr. Cleveclees.

At the same time, Whitstable explores Le Jardin de Lyon, a graveyard beneath The Grand Chancellery, and digs up his great uncle George who is benignly dead. Together they set off on a quest to find the sacred Crook and Flail of the Pharaoh (an ancient Egyptian artifact that may defeat the ancient Egyptian priesthood) in the Chancellery museum.

That evening, Charlie attends a great council at Aslemere Manor. Wizard Heights is overrun by an unknown enemy, explains the Imperial Secretary. GW Grisholm is imprisoned within the Regent Tower, yet the enemies’ identity is still unknown.

There is only one way to solve this mystery—The Shard Of Aslemere; a sacred standing stone that for centuries been used to divine threats against Wizard Heights. Entering its myriad pathways can reveal untold mysteries, but there are risks to those who attempt this feat. One may be sent back in time or to another dimension entirely. Undaunted, Mr. Cleveclees and Charlie enter the shard and, amidst gasps of surprise, disappear entirely.

What will Charlie and Mr. Cleveclees find within the Shard of Aslemere?
Can Whitstable find the sacred Crook and Flail of the Pharaoh and defeat the ancient Egyptian priests?
And what of Meagan who is pursued by the same mysterious force that has attacked Wizard Heights?

Find the answer to all of these questions and more in the latest page-turning, awe inspiring installment of the Wizard Heights series—Book 3, The Shard of Aslemere.

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WizardBooksForKids.com is a web site which contains information about the Wizard Heights series of books. On it you can find information about each of the books in the series, read synopsis of the books, and get links to buy each title on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com. Visit the site now at www.wizardbooksforkids.com

Wizard Heights is a fantasy series about a kid called Charlie who discovers a secret society of wizards living near his home. In the first book in the series, titled, The Legend of the Sorcerer King, Charlie is befriended by Whitstable Augustus Febulant, a kid about his age, who lives at Wizard Heights. Whitstable is determined to make Charlie his friend. However, Charlie doesn’t much like the look of Whitstable. For a start, Whitstable dresses like he is from the nineteen thirties, and he speaks in an old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, Whitstable is determined to make Charlie his friend. He promises to show Charlie the secrets of Wizard Heights, and one night they ride to the Wizard mansions and observed an evening celebration called the ‘Getting to Know You Evening’ The entire village is lit up and there are illuminated garden parties on the lawns. Wizards stroll about in velvet suits and ball gowns of yesteryear, while string quartets play dainty minuets. Soon, however, it becomes apparent that the boys are not welcome guests. They are spotted by some of the magician’s and identified as intruders. A chase ensues and the boys escape by way of a flying rowing boat which Whitstable has hidden at the lakes edge.


That evening, upon returning to his home, Charlie is furious with Whitstable. He resolves never to see him again. However, the next day, Whitstable appears again, and this time he has found a way to become a lodger in Charlie’s home. Charlie confronts Whitstable and asks him what he wants. Whitstable tells Charlie that he must accompany him to Wizard Heights to find out…

Wizard Heights is an entertaining read that will be appreciated by many people who like middle-grade fiction and fantasy. For ages 11 and up. To learn more about WizardBooksForKids.com, click here

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Wizard Heights Book 1 Updated

Update about Book 1 in the Wizard Heights series, The Legend of the Sorcerer King

Wizard Heights Book 1 has now been updated with new content. This includes a new prologue and more. This title can be acquired at the following web sites:






Wizard Heights is a series of fantasy books for kids aged 11 and up.

In the first book, titled, The Legend of the Sorcerer King, our hero, a kid called Charlie discovers a secret society of wizards living in mansions around a lake amongst forested hills near his home. While exploring this area, he is spotted by another kid of a similar age, whose name is Whitstable Augustus Febulant. Whitstable is determined to get to know Charlie, and shows up the next day at Charlie’s school. At first Charlie is determined not to get to know Whitstable, but eventually he gives in and Whitstable tells him the truth about Wizard Heights—that it is a haven for magicians, and he tells Charlie about a mystery concerning Whitstable’s grandfather, an Egyptian Idol of Thebes, and a mystery. Whitstable claims that his grandfather was cryogenically frozen as a result of a curse that was cast upon him by another magician, Al-Sharak. In addition, Whitstable claims that the curse can be broken if he and Charlie break into a crypt within Al-Sharak’s mansion, called The Crypt of the Undying. Having been blackmailed by Whitstable, Charlie agrees, and the two of them set off on an adventure to find the fabled Idol of Thebes.

You can also read more about this title at the following site: Wizard Books for Kids

The sequel to this title, The Library of the Ancients is also available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

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