WizardBooksForKids.com is a web site which contains information about the Wizard Heights series of books. On it you can find information about each of the books in the series, read synopsis of the books, and get links to buy each title on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com. Visit the site now at www.wizardbooksforkids.com

Wizard Heights is a fantasy series about a kid called Charlie who discovers a secret society of wizards living near his home. In the first book in the series, titled, The Legend of the Sorcerer King, Charlie is befriended by Whitstable Augustus Febulant, a kid about his age, who lives at Wizard Heights. Whitstable is determined to make Charlie his friend. However, Charlie doesn’t much like the look of Whitstable. For a start, Whitstable dresses like he is from the nineteen thirties, and he speaks in an old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, Whitstable is determined to make Charlie his friend. He promises to show Charlie the secrets of Wizard Heights, and one night they ride to the Wizard mansions and observed an evening celebration called the ‘Getting to Know You Evening’ The entire village is lit up and there are illuminated garden parties on the lawns. Wizards stroll about in velvet suits and ball gowns of yesteryear, while string quartets play dainty minuets. Soon, however, it becomes apparent that the boys are not welcome guests. They are spotted by some of the magician’s and identified as intruders. A chase ensues and the boys escape by way of a flying rowing boat which Whitstable has hidden at the lakes edge.


That evening, upon returning to his home, Charlie is furious with Whitstable. He resolves never to see him again. However, the next day, Whitstable appears again, and this time he has found a way to become a lodger in Charlie’s home. Charlie confronts Whitstable and asks him what he wants. Whitstable tells Charlie that he must accompany him to Wizard Heights to find out…

Wizard Heights is an entertaining read that will be appreciated by many people who like middle-grade fiction and fantasy. For ages 11 and up. To learn more about WizardBooksForKids.com, click here

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