The Mysterious Case – Q and A – Part 1

The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum’s Incredible Ever After Machine

Why did I decide to set the story in the 1930’s?

I grew up reading a lot of old fashioned books like the Narnia stories, The Phoenix and the Carpet, and stuff like that. I think that style of writing influenced me when I was writing this book. I’ve never read a book that combined pirates with British people in the 1930’s, so I was excited by that idea.

Why was Miss Meecher so cruel to the children?

The character just ‘showed up’ that way. I just write, and the characters tell me who they are. That’s the way I like it because that creates my most spontaneous and interesting writing. Of course it creates more of a challenge for the children too. Without those kinds of tensions I don’t think the story would work well.

Was Uncle Barnaby based upon someone that I know?

Uncle Barnaby is my favorite character in the book, but he is not based upon anyone that I know. I like him because he is both intelligent, funny, and creative. He’s a very versatile person, and he’s very engaging.


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