Where do authors get their story ideas from?

When Portland, Oregon author, Alexander Scott, received a rose from an anniversary-celebrating co-worker, in 2002, he had no idea that eight years later he would be digitally publishing a novel that was inspired by it. “Initially, I was too busy with work to pay much attention to the rose at all,” explains Scott. “I put it on my desk and forgot about it. “

That perhaps, was crucial to the books inspiration, for over the next few days, the rose became dry and wilted, and had it not done that, Scott would never have taken the next step, which was crucial to the books inspiration.

“After a few days,” he explains, “I noticed the rose, which was looking very lackluster—It seemed ready for the compost heap, but I didn’t give up; just before leaving for the day, I decided to get a jar of water and put the rose in it.”

And that’s when the magic happened. The next morning, Scott came into work and discovered that the rose was revitalized – back to its previous self. And that’s when the seed was sown and the idea for the book was born.

“I began to think about mortality,” says Scott, “and I began to wonder, what would it be like if someone created some kind of elixir—a concoction that could bring dead things back to life?”

That idea is central to the books plot, for the story centers around two children; Jennifer and Timothy, who travel to their grandfather’s solitary manor in a remote part of Great Britain, only to discover that their grandfather is missing. In the course of their investigations, they discover a machine in the garden that makes dead things live again.

“It’s an intriguing idea,” muses Scott, “If a machine did exist, you could go around to graveyards and wake up the dead—Maybe have a chat or two with some celebrities, for instance.”

And which celebrity would Scott choose?

“Definitely Oscar Wilde,” replied Scott, without missing a beat. “He would make a fascinating interview subject; so witty and erudite, with a wealth of knowledge and life experience to share. I recently visited his grave in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris—I would go back there.”

The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum’s Incredible Ever After Machine is released in e-book formats through IBooks (Compatible with the Apple Ipad) and for the Amazon Kindle, on December 1st, 2010.


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